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Mediterranean Diet

On its YouTube channel, Tertúlia Algarvia has published videos of six recipes that all include ingredients representing the Mediterranean diet in their preparation; in 2013, the diet was recognised by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Dried tuna moxama, pork tenderloin with clams and maize porridge with coriander, and honey cake with bitter almond granizado were the three videos presented by Frederico Lopes, resident chef of the Tertúlia Algarvia restaurant in the Vila-Adentro in Faro. 

Chef Augusto Lima, who frequently works with Tertúlia Algarvia on other projects, was responsible for presenting the recipes of “churra” lamb stew, dried shark stew with haricot beans, and fillets of mackerel with garlic served on a bed of sweet potato.

The six recipes are preceded by a brief explanation about the influences of the peoples of the Mediterranean basin on the gastronomic heritage of the Algarve. All the films have a version subtitled in English and another in Spanish.

These eighteen videos were funded by the Operational Programme Algarve 21 – “Articular Para Intervir” project – 2nd phase, in the Mediterranean Diet component, which included a range of activities carried out by other organisations. These are: Tavira Municipal Council, Algarve Tourism Board, University of Algarve, Algarve Regional Directorate of Agriculture, Association In Loco, Algarve Association of Hotel Industrialists and Similar, and the Portuguese Cardiology Foundation.