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Algarve Cooking Vacations

Ever imagined coming to the Algarve for cooking vacations?

No one can deny Algarve’s reputation as an amazing sun and beach destination, a destination that combines an incredible history, amazing natural landscapes, with a central location and a safe place for all travellers. We are also known for the golf courses, the warm winter-sun that shines 365 days and our local gastronomy. Yes, our local gastronomy!

The fresh and locally sourced ingredients are our little secret, that allows the Mediterranean food to flourish in all its splendour. The region sources not only incredible fresh seafood, but also replenishing vegetables and sweet fruits that we use to produce olive oil, sweet pastry or even great wines, just to name a few. But do not let the simplicity fool you. We cherish our traditional dishes and inherited techniques that make our cuisine unique. Did your mouth water in anticipation?

You may want to join us for an immersive, laid back journey into the off the beaten track Algarve. We offer culinary vacations that combine cooking workshops with food and wine tours for several days to a week. All programs are planned so that those with little or moderate cooking experience can also join and benefit from fun experiential learning moments as well as interesting cultural tours with indulgent nature immersed moments.


For detailed information about the programs please download the presentation here.


Then, to book your place, check the dates available in our calendar​:

7 Days Unforgettable Hands-on food and wine holidays in the Algarve

4 Days Laid-back Nature, Wine and Food break in the Algarve

4 Days Delightful Culture, Culinary and Wine break in the Algarve






Do not waste more time, we are waiting for you!​

Solo travellers, couples and small groups are welcomed, but above all, enthusiasm to learn more about our cuisine, to have fun and to indulge in the Algarve flavours are a plus for joining us.