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Ever imagined coming to the Algarve for cooking vacations?

No one can deny Algarve’s reputation as an amazing sun and beach destination, a destination that combines an incredible history, amazing natural landscapes, with a central location and a safe place for all travellers. We are also known for the golf courses, the warm winter-sun that shines 365 days and our local gastronomy. Yes, our local gastronomy!


The Algarve Cataplana project was born out of a realization that although this cooking utensil is the symbol of the region’s gastronomy, little is known about it, compared to other iconic utensils like the tajine or the wok.

August 8th, 2016

Algarteca is an online platform developed by Tertúlia Algarvia, funded by the PRODER programme - Campaign no. 3.2.1.


On its YouTube channel, Tertúlia Algarvia has published videos of six recipes that all include ingredients representing the Mediterranean diet in their preparation; in 2013, the diet