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Octopus tentacles with sweet potatoes and sauteed greens

History of Tertúlia Algarvia

Tertúlia Algarvia is the fulfillment of the dream of a group of friends, who in 2006 decided to create an organization to promote gastronomy, history and traditions of the region.

After many plans, accounts and, most importantly, a lot of persistence, Tertúlia Algarvia opens to the public in August 2013 in Vila-Adentro, the historical centre of Faro.

In addition to traditional meals, the Tertúlia Algarvia provides to its visitors showcookings and culinary workshops, crafts workshops, exhibitions, among other experiences. For this, it has many versatile, comfortable and welcoming spaces. 

Alongside our activities at our restaurant in the Vila-Adentro in Faro, we also organise initiatives such as catering services, classes and cookery demonstrations at other venues.

"The restaurant Tertúlia Algarvia has an extensive menu featuring regional products and a welcoming atmosphere; it is very well thought out! There is a more spacious room for groups on the first floor and it offers acceptable value for money.", Filipe C.

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